Interactive Memories

Technology-supported reminiscence and life story work in person-centered care

The project Interactive Memories addresses life story and reminiscence work as central issues in dementia care both in the domestic and the institutional context. In doing so, particular attention is given to the exploration of new technological options in reminiscence work.

Within a three-year time span, the project’s interdisciplinary and interprofessional team has to accomplish a plenitude of tasks. Basic assignments include assessing the state of the art in the field of reminiscence work and exploring the presently given technical possibilities and technological potentials for its support. With regard to the latter, major emphasis will be on a perceptive inspection of ethical consequences.

At the heart of the project’s overall effort are
  • the attempt to involve all who participate in reminiscence work within in the process of technology development,
  • to create innovative user interfaces for reminiscence work and
  • to evaluate the newly developed forms with people with dementia.
Project partners come for a variety of fields and disciplines: academic institutions and universities of applied sciences, small to medium enterprises (SME), civil society organizations working in the field of knowledge transfer and, last but not least, long term care institutions.
InterMem started in June 2015 und will end in May 2018. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education.